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for non-conformists


Life is too Short to Live

According to Someone Else’s Rules


“And then there is the turning point. The place where you become intimate with your intuition. Where you realize other people’s input can be valuable, but it is never vital. Where you are no longer afraid to make the call, to have the final say, and to become the CEO of your universe.”

Cara Alwill Leyba


Therapy, Coaching & Soul Mentorship for Those Living Outside The Box

specializations in gender, sexuality, and spirituality



If You’re Ready to….

• Identify what’s holding you back

• Let go of the need to please others

• and truly live authentically

…Then let’s chat!


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About Tamara Driskell, LMHC

If you asked those who know me best to describe me, they’d all give you something along the lines of naturally pretty bold/ “ballsy” and rather rebellious by nature, loves adventure and spontaneity, and is quick to laugh. I LOVE talking about possibilities, especially in business, and take great delight in helping people discover or hone in on their own magic/ strengths. Even better if we can weave in topics related to existentialism or sex.

My favorite clients are those with a low threshold for small talk and anything that feels like bullshit. Those who like to go deep and can’t stand settling for the mundane. I have a sweet spot for anxious and perfectionistic misfits and mystics who can sometimes trip themselves up striving to live authentically while connecting with others.