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ASK A THERAPIST: “How do I know you’re right for me?”

Facebook Live

So I went LIVE for the first time of Facebook.  Eeek!!

For a perfectionist, this is MONUMENTAL y’all.

And I took my baby sister with me!  ha!

Ericka is an LCSW and the total yin to my yang.  I enjoyed putting her on the spot and getting her perspective on what she personally looks for in a counselor.

If you’ve been around me at all, you’ve likely heard that one of my biggest pet peeves is therapists who think they don’t need to know what it is like to be on the couch themselves.  In fact, if I had my way I’d make it mandatory for graduate programs.  Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not, huh?  😉

So I keep my own.  And I will only see a therapist who also keeps her own.  So on the chain goes!

After you watch our short clip, I would really love hearing from you all.

  • What is it that you think is important to look for in a counselor/ coach etc.? 
  • How did you know when you’d found the right one? 
  • Any horror stories to share?

Please leave your comments below.

And if you’re enjoying my content, like momma always says, “Sharing is caring!”

And by the way…mark your calendars!  I will be coming to you LIVE on FB every Monday and Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. to chat about all things RAW and AUTHENTIC about LOVE, SEX, and RELIGION.  Spread the word and I can’t wait to see you there!

Facebook Live

Pensacola therapistTamara Powell, LMHC is the owner of Arya Therapy Services, a Pensacola FL counseling practice. She provides services to individuals and couples both ONLINE and in person.  Some of her favorite topics are those surrounding empowerment and truly owning one’s story. Side note, Tamara is also known to be barefoot no matter where she is. If you’re interested in working with her, you may email her at

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