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Sacred Psychology: Episode 45 with Lourdes Viado, PhD

In this podversation:

  • What is shadow work and why is it important?
  • Turning the spotlight on yourself” to see the blind spots and the untapped potential
  • Difference between shame and healthy guilt
  • Examples of how untapped potential gets placed in the shadow
  • Relating to the transformational power of shadow work in the archetypes/myths of Persephone, Inanna, & Kali
  • Practical ways to begin working with your shadow
  • How learning to read your astrological natal chart can both illuminate and heal parts of shadow
  • The natal chart = soul DNA & blueprint/guidebook for your journey

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Meet Lourdes Viado:

Dr. Lourdes Video Jungian PsychologistDr. Lourdes Viado is a depth psychologist, providing psychotherapy for women in her private practice in Las Vegas NV, as well as mentorship and consulting services to clients world-wide.

As a passionate explorer of inner worlds, Lourdes loves accompanying her clients into the depths of their psyches: helping them unearth the roots of their suffering; and discover the buried treasure hidden there.

Dr. Viado utilizes a Jungian/depth psychology approach, integrating mindfulness, dream work, shadow work, metaphor, story-telling, poetry and astrology into her work with clients.

She is also the host of the Women In-Depth Podcast, a podcast about the inner lives of women: what is feared, hidden, unknown, and uncomfortable. The WID podcast has been downloaded over 90,000 in 114 countries and has been included in the top 50 therapy podcasts of 2017 by

Meeting Your Shadow, a 5 day self-guided exploration of shadow, is available at a discounted rate for Sacred Psychology listeners!

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Meet Tamara Powell

counseling pensacola fl Tamara Powell, LMHC is a licensed therapist, university psychology instructor, and empowerment coach who believes life should be lived as a journey that is “anything but ordinary.

Her work is specialized to help individuals break free from toxic cycles of distress, dysfunction, and dissatisfaction with life that are created when trying to live according to someone else’s rules. Only by living what she calls radical autonomy, can one obtain soul nourishing relationships and a sense of true life purpose and inner peace.

If you’re interested in working with her, either in person or online, you can learn more about her services here.

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