Rates for Counseling/ Psychotherapy/ Coaching  Sessions:

  • $175 per 45 minute individual session,
  • Extended sessions provided upon request at same rate (90 min. for $350)

**please note, I am NOT currently taking on any couples therapy clients.**

Integrative Healing Sessions:

A two-hour soul work session which combines sacred psychology and holistic healing modalities such as guided visualizations, meditations, shadow and archetypal work, ritual, and reiki (energy healing) etc.

An integrative healing session is a transpersonal and collaborative experience designed to go beyond traditional counseling and coaching frameworks to a focus on the intersectionality across all levels of being – mind, body, spirit, and soul – and the subtle yet powerful layers in-between. This allows for deeper transformation that is achieved quicker and lasts longer.

You bring your goals and concerns and I will help facilitate what it takes to clear, heal, and achieve those!

Rate for Integrative Healing Sessions:

  • 2 Hour Soul Work Session – $400

There is a 48 cancellation policy, outlined here. Tamara is licensed to practice psychotherapy in the state of Florida. Outside of Florida your work with her is coaching. If you are outside the local area and appear to need conjoint therapeutic services alongside your work together with Tamara, you will be referred to a local clinician. All material discussed is held in the strictest confidence. No refunds available. Non-transferrable.