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About Me

About Me

religious trauma therapist Pensacola


- Quelling existential anxiety & angst

- Identity exploration and personal empowerment

- Guiding individuals on rebuilding relationships, intimacy, and sexual connection

- Non-traditional issues: LGBTQ+, non-monogamy/ polyamory, and kink

- Spiritual abuse and religious trauma syndrome

Why Work with Me?

As a natural rebel and visionary, I love working with clients who have a low threshold for small talk and anything that feels like bullshit.

Those who like to go deep and can’t stand settling for the mundane. I have a sweet spot for anxious and perfectionistic misfits and mystics who can sometimes trip themselves up striving to live authentically while connecting with others.

Not surprisingly then, even as a natural nurturer, I have come to be known for my “out-of-the-box” and “tell it like it is” approach at times.  This means I’ll go where you want to and I won’t ever placate you.

Like many, I own being a walking paradox in that I am a complete nerd with my nose perpetually in a book on neuroscience or contemplative philosophy/ spirituality  while staying barefoot and down to chat about "taboo subjects" like polyamory or kink.

I hold a master's degree in psychology and have extensive training in matters pertaining to gender, sexual, erotic and relational diversity. I'm also a certified Reiki Master Teacher for those of you who enjoy energy healing and the metaphysical as part of your holistic health regimen.


I offer sessions both in person in my Pensacola office or online so you can take me wherever you go!


Voted Best of the Coast 2021

Praise for Tamara

#LBGQ #POLY #BDSM #SPIRITUAL #ENNEAGRAM Tams hands down is who I needed to find when I needed the most understanding to my lifestyle counselor. Not too woo. All about the science and data. Completely understanding of all walks of life and totally uses her perceived privilege to help those who need a sacred space & voice.
Amber Liptak
Tamara is supportive and knowledgeable. She provides comprehensive services that are helpful and effective.
Jessica Rosen
We went to Arya Therapy Services for my partner's HRT letter. There was no gatekeeping, Tamara was honest, friendly and relaxed. The environment was fantastic and she answered our questions and gently guided the discussion without taking over. I will definitely go back for myself as well once I am able to afford it again. Highly recommend.
McKenzie Chatterton
Tamara is the real deal! She’s authentic but still compassionate. An inspiration for those in business!
Jaclyn B.
Tamara is unlike any therapist/coach I've ever encountered. Using her tools from both psychology and mysticism, she is uniquely equipped to help you with everything from anxiety to existential dread. If you're looking for a way to jump start your life, Tamara is your girl.
Allison Quadhamer
Positive, empowering, encouraging! Priceless in the ways I am seeing myself heal and grow. Highly recommend <3
Margaret Ryan


  • M.A. & B.A. in Psychology, University of West Florida
  • Minor in Religious Studies

Additional Training

  • Reiki Master Teacher (Usui Tradition)


  • FL#MH14199