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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Individual Therapy/ Coaching

– Explore and answer life’s most sacred and fundamental questions

“Who am I…really, beyond and beneath the projections – the hopes, fears, dreams, and “curses” – of my family and others?

What am I doing here, and how is my life unfolding?

Where is life taking me: Am I still on the path of my purpose?

Who will come with me: Who can I count amongst my allies to help me meet this purpose, and who must I let go of?”


– Finally release your past once and for all, learn to work with your inner critic and not against it, and discover practical and powerful tools for staying in control of your thoughts and emotions

 Heal from spiritual abuse and trauma and redefine your spirituality on your own terms

– Letters of referral to an endocrinologist for HRT for transgender clients

Online sessions available via telephone or video  so you never have to leave your house unless you want to!


Couples Therapy/ Coaching For ONE

One of my specialties is sexuality so I do absolutely work with marital and intimacy issues, however individually. I have found it more effective to work with one partner and then bring the other in only as needed. I can work in conjoint with another couples counselor as well depending on your preference.

  • Rebuild your relationship, emotional intimacy, and sexual connection in a way that feels authentic and freeing
  • Strength based and solution focused approach to give you results FAST
  • LGBTQ+, Polyamory, & Kink individuals welcome!


Integrative Healing Sessions

A two-hour soul work session which combines sacred psychology and holistic healing modalities such as guided visualizations, meditations, breathwork, dream work, shadow and archetypal work, ritual, and reiki (Japanese energy healing) etc.

An integrative healing session is a transpersonal and collaborative experience designed to go beyond traditional counseling and coaching frameworks to a focus on the intersectionality across all levels of being – mind, body, spirit, and soul – and the subtle yet powerful layers in-between. This allows for deeper transformation that is achieved quicker and lasts longer.

You bring your goals and concerns and I will help facilitate what it takes to clear, heal, and achieve those!