Transgender Options in Pensacola and Online

Transgender Options in Pensacola and Online

Transgender therapy pensacola

So you’re finally ready to talk about that whole gender identity thing…now what??

Therapy for Transgender Issues

The first step for an individual considering transitioning is typically finding a trans friendly counselor who will be your advocate in writing your letter for hormone therapy (i.e, HRT).  Obviously here at ARYA, I’m passionate about that, but there are a few other great clinicians in the area (and beyond) too. It’s important to find a therapist you feel comfortable with as it can feel very vulnerable to open up and talk about your own story.



Once you’ve started your therapy process, and are ready for your letter of referral to an Endocrinologist, you will likely need lab work to make sure your liver and other organs involved in the production and processing of hormones can handle HRT.  Just like with therapists, you want to find physicians who know what they’re talking about and put you at ease when you’re in their presence.


Gender Confirming Surgeries

After you’ve been on HRT for a while, many trans individuals desire to have other surgical procedures to enhance their gender expression. What many refer to as “top surgery” or “bottom surgery” actually comprise a number of possible procedures (e.g., double mastectomy, breast augmentation, facial feminizing surgeries, metoidioplasty, hysterectomy, vaginoplasty etc.). When you feel you are ready, your gender therapist can write one of the two letters typically required by the surgeon to schedule your appointment. The other will have to come from either your primary physician, endocrinologist, or a Ph.D. level counselor.


Health Care Coverage

Transgender individuals have important details to consider when seeking health insurance coverage. If you’re shopping for plans in the Marketplace or with your employer, make sure to ask questions about office visits, mental health care, specialists such as Endocrinology, prescription coverage for your HRT and more.

Legal Issues


Higher Education

Thinking about going back to school? You might want to consider looking into whether or not a college or university has a proven track record for being LGBTQ friendly. From inclusion policies to a campus pride index, scholarships and more, there’s plenty of options out there to help you make the right choice for you or your loved one.


Support Groups

It’s all too easy to feel alone and overwhelmed.  Never under estimate the value in having others like you who may be further along in their transition process who can cheer you on, share their own experiences, and recommend new avenues to explore.  If you’re worried about confidentiality, look for closed groups on FB and other social media sites and consider creating a separate profile under a pen name with an avatar for a photo so anyone you don’t want to know won’t be able to tell that it’s you.

  • Transacola 
    • Every Saturday of the month Transgender Support Group from 10am – 12pm at Pensacola Osteopaths’ new Jordan St office.
    • FIRST SATURDAY, any transgender people and allies are more than welcome to attend. However, as this support group is primarily for trans people, we’ll ask that cisgender members listen and learn and try not to talk over our trans siblings or make our existences about them. Also, there will be no gatekeeping or truetrans/transmedicalist nonsense allowed. Tamara Powell, LMHC of Arya Therapy will be in attendance to offer her guidance and help things go smoothly and to make things look semi official for those who think that’s important for their journey.
    • EVERY 2ND, 3RD, 4TH, ETC SATURDAY, we ask that only transgender-identified people attend. This is the only trans-only space that exists for us, so we hope that everyone will respect that. Thanks!
    • EVERY 4TH SATURDAY will be for trans adults only. It’ll be a time to discuss sensitive “adult” topics.



Laser Hair Removal

If you’re a trans woman, you may be interested in laser hair removal.  Check Groupon for packages and ask around or call the office you’re considering anonymously and inquire if they’ve worked with transgender individuals before.


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