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Online Sessions

Online Sessions

All the Benefits of Counseling Without the Commute!

As I mentioned in one of my blogs, there’s good reason why online therapy and coaching are currently all the rage. Not only have research studies shown it to be just as effective as traditional in-the-same-room type therapy, it comes with additional benefits!

  • Increased Confidentiality/ Anonymity – Think about it…no one ever has to know you’ve left your bedroom or office… For those of us who may cry when emotional, there’s no worry about having to walk out of your therapist’s office with puffy eyes or your mascara running.  😉  And if you’re the type who struggles with social anxiety, online counseling has been shown to be extra beneficial.
  • Added Safety in Regards to Social Distancing – With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, the call for decreased exposure to others is a paramount concern for many. Telehealth options allow you the opportunity to get the support you need without any additional risk.
  • Lower Costs Associated with Counseling – No gas money needed. No time spent driving to and from your counselor. Time is money too!
  • No Matter Where You or Your Favorite Counselor Travels, You Can Still Meet! – Up until recently, if your job took you out of the area, you likely lost the ability to meet with the therapist you had already developed a great relationship with. And if you happened to have a tough time on vacation, you may have been out of luck. Not any more!

How Online Sessions work

  • Choose your appointment time. This can be done by calling our receptionist at (850) 777-3334, emailing our team, or logging on to the client portal if you’re an existing client and selecting a time slot that works for you.
  • Click the link in your email. You will receive an email with a link, inviting you to join your therapist at your agreed upon time online through Simple Practice. It’s a one stop shop that meets HIPAA guidelines, offering the most stringent of recommended security protocol for confidentiality.

Something to Consider

In the United States, distance health/ counseling, telehealth/ counseling, is still relatively new as far as licensing and regulation goes. Each state has its own rules. In Florida, under my counseling license, I may provide therapy online to anyone within the state of Florida or internationally.

As a coach however, I can see everyone else across all 50 states as coaching still isn’t a regulated field.

Please note, while counseling and coaching can overlap, they are not the same thing. We will discuss your particular needs and see what would be the best fit for you.

If you are in one of the other 49 states and require more intense psychotherapy, I will work with you to find someone near you who is a great fit to either work alongside us or instead of myself.

There is a no cancellation policy, outlined here. Tamara is licensed to practice psychotherapy in the state of Florida. Outside of Florida your work with her is coaching. If you are outside the local area and appear to need conjoint therapeutic services alongside your work together with Tamara, you will be referred to a local clinician. All material discussed is held in the strictest confidence. No refunds available. Non-transferrable.