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Sex Therapy

Ah, sex….that wonderful mystery of connection that can sometimes become downright frustrating or even embarrassing.  Caroline Edwards puts it this way:

Sexuality is the way we are intimate with our own feeling states; the way we are moved by diamonds of rain on a spider web; our paintings and letters; our laughter and stews; our persuasions and politics.  Sexuality is our moment-by-moment, changing relish for who we are.  Sexuality is our willingness to let ourselves show in the world.


Sexuality is a vital part of our identity.

And a LOT goes into shaping that for us… everything from our spiritual worldview, cultural influences, and our experiences, both positive and negative up until this point.

Our sexual scripts are ever changing and if navigated well, can bring us to the highest points of ecstasy and connection with others or even the universe.

Sadly, things can sometimes go awry.  We may be abused or traumatized, become addicted to experiences that make us feel ashamed when no one is around, or we can experience distress or dysfunction.

There is hope however!  We need not be bound by ANYTHING that no longer serves our highest good.


Sex therapy can provide holistic and empowering treatment for:

  • Loss of desire
  • Differences in libido between partners
  • Difficulty orgasming
  • Performance concerns
  • Painful intercourse
  • Struggle to connect emotionally
  • Trauma or addiction
  • Fetishes & kink
  • Polyamory & open relationships


If you are looking for a counselor who will guide in exploring the depth and breadth of your sexual concerns, with a no-holds bar approach and at your own pace, I invite you to reach out today.  I look forward to serving you!

**Please note, I do not purport to be a “Certified Sex Therapists” in the State of Fl.  The information provided here and counseling I provide adheres to Chapter 491 of FL statutes under mental health counseling as it pertains to sexual concerns.  As always, I encourage you to do your own research to find the counselor that has the best fit and approach for you personally.*