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Holistic/ Alternative Resources

Holistic/ Alternative Resources

As firm believers in a holistic treatment TEAM, I am always seeking to expand my rolodex of highly qualified practitioners who go above and beyond in caring for my clients.  Here are some of my favorites I’ve come across:


Psychiatrists (Medication Management)

  • Apex Psychiatric Services – While an out-out-network provider for most insurances, this team is unbeatable for holistic care that is tailored to the needs of your family with affordable cash rates for many. They also see patients as young as 6 years old AND are the only provider in the area offering Spravato for treatment resistant depression!



  • Dr. Deborah Simkin, M.D.  – willing to drive to Destin? Dr. Simkin is the BEST for truly in-depth testing and evaluation. She goes above and beyond in making sure you have the RIGHT combo of supplements and/or psychiatric meds. Can’t say enough good things about her!


Medical Marijuana Evaluations


  • Dr. William Hass – (of Empathic Practice) $199 initial patient visit which includes: medical evaluation plus a one-on-one session with a Mindfulness Coach as well as 2 guided group meditation sessions and a 3-month follow up visit with a Cannabis Coach. Letter from therapist or primary care physician recommended but not necessary. 
    • If you are transferring care from another facility, the cost and benefits are the same.


Medical Marijuana Dispenseries


  • Trulieve – 3119 N. Davis Highway, Pensacola


  • Surterra – 5046 Bayou Blvd., Pensacola



Massage Therapy

  • Ben Driskell – Ask for his 90 min signature massage with hot oil, choice of aromatherapy & CBD spot treatment as well as hot towels for feet. Total bliss!! He skillfully and intuitively guides you into releasing stuck points both physically and energetically. As an empath himself (and being a type 2 on the Enneagram for you typology nerds), Ben is brilliant at cultivating a sacred pause on life.


  • Carlie Nagy – From Ayurvedic to Myofascial Release to Cupping & so much more, Carlie’s got you covered!


Professional Organizers


Holistic/ Alternative Practitioners

  • Gulf Coast Wellness – Dr. Peter Shark & Niko Shark offer Accupuncture, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Neuro-Nutrient Therapy. Our clients have raved about the incredibly in-depth approach they offer, including recipes for bone broth and more!


  • Dr. Erin Taliaferro – Acupuncture, moxibustion, pulse diagnosis, traditional Chinese diagnosis, Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy, Male & Female Fertility, cupping, nutrition, and Gua Sha.


  • Dr. Bonnie McLean – Acupuncture, herbalism, hypnosis, massage, cupping, shamanic healing, and energy healing


  • The Celtic Cauldron & Enchanted Teas – a metaphysical shop & tea room that is eclectic and pagan offering classes, workshops, herbal teas, lotions & balms as well as a wide variety of Celtic & pagan items for sale. A haven for all paths to meet, gather, and shop!



  • Heart Centered Wellness – Margie Kalaluhi offers Reiki, The Lifeline Technique, Emotion Code and more. Her center also hosts community healing events that are open to the public and allow you to try different healing modalities from various local practitioners in acupuncture, crystal pyramids, vaginal steaming, acupressure and reflexology, and so much more.


  • The Audacious Spirit – Spiritual healings for individuals, businesses, or hospital stays.  Also yoga retreats and ayahuasca healing pilgrimages to Peru.

         **Trish Mariani is Tamara’s personal favorite.  Ask for your sessions to be recorded so you can listen to them over and over! **