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VIP Coaching

You’re either:

– The one in the crowd who knows EXACTLY what they want to achieve and is ready to do what it takes to get there


– The one who feels their soul calling but isn’t quite sure for what yet


Either way, I’m here:

To empower you to have the life that YOU want.

The “unrealistic kind”  – the one that a colleague describes as the “how-the-hell-did-she-do, can’t-stop-watching, holy-f*ck-I-can-have-it-too kind of life, love,  family, and business.”



– By supporting you in removing any and all limiting beliefs, patterns, and ways of being that do not serve you, including past traumas.

– By showing you why you absolutely can trust your desires and longings, and boldly call them in without fear of being selfish or worry of loss.

– By teaching you how to set up systems that support and sustain them.

– By pushing you towards your greatness and not letting you settle for anything less


The key is in what I call RADICAL AUTONOMY:

Radical (rad·i·cal): adjective
1. of or relating to the origin; fundamental
2. far-reaching or thorough
3. very different from the usual or traditional
4. favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions

Autonomy (au·ton·o·my): noun
1. the quality or state of being self-governing
2. self-directing freedom and especially moral independence


Simply put, radical autonomy is being able to gift self and others with separate paths.

To know beyond the shadow of a doubt WHO YOU REALLY ARE, beneath the projections and objections of others, and being willing to live, breathe, and move from THAT SPACE.

It’s showing up unedited and unfiltered.

And it’s the ONLY WAY to have the life and business you really want. Think about it… no one; not your lover(s), friends, children, colleagues, employers, or clients need a half-assed, watered down, burnt out, or hesitant version of you.

As author Gary Zukav so brilliantly puts it, When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, THAT is authentic empowerment.”

As a licensed therapist and empowerment coach, I have not only the education and science behind me, but also the ability to be the soul midwife and mentor with rocket fuel to show you how.



Trust me, I’ve so been there…

Worried what others will think… afraid of alienating anyone, whether it’s family or friends or possible clients…

Frustrated because you know damn well you’re capable of so much more but don’t know how to make it happen

Waking up at 3 AM with a brain that just won’t shut the f$% up

Wondering if … and being pretty sure that … there’s got to be more to life than this

Wanting to feel authentic and lit up by life, to make a difference in this world

Craving more intensity in your body and in the bedroom

Feeling somehow selfish for even wanting more …


Born into an evangelical and military family, I know a thing or too about wanting more but being afraid to go after it for fear of adding to the black sheep label. And even though I had a pretty good idea what my soul came here to do, I didn’t know how to implement it and it was hard to find a mentor who had the knowledge, expertise, and also outside the box approach I was craving. I had to piecemeal it but you don’t have to. 



A high touch, personalized approach for those who like it hard and deep

As a therapist I can’t be there for my clients after the therapy hour ends but as a coach? I can be a true mentor who’s all up in your business across mediums like voxer, email, and social media. You give me a few months and I’ll transform the entire year and the rest of your life too. 

This is for you IF YOU’RE:

– Someone who wants DEEP transformation FAST

– Someone who doesn’t want to wait weeks or months to see me again

– Someone who wants to cut through the BS and can handle being pushed on the regular

– Someone who makes close to 6 figures or has a cushion in their budget

– Someone who identifies as a non-conformist, a black or purple sheep, a trapezoid in what can feel like a world full of circles at times

– Someone who wants to be free of the bullshit from childhood trauma, expectations and projections of others, and their own self-limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns

–  Someone who isn’t  afraid of being challenged or of bold, colorful language

– Someone who is willing to push the boundary in the boardroom and the bedroom but needs the know how to get them there

– Someone who has a connection to their own version of spirituality and enjoys intuitive guidance


“When I began working with Tamara, I was at a crossroads in both my career and family life. I had previously been very successful owning and operating a brick and mortar clinic. However, due to family obligations, I needed to develop a more flexible and portable business arrangement.

Over the course of six months, I went from being terrified to step into the on-line arena and only having a vague idea of what I’d like this new business to look like, to having a finished website, marketing plan, incorporated as an LLC and paying clients.

Tamara is not your run of the mill coach. She has the lady balls to handle the biggest tantrums (because I did sometimes go kicking and screaming) and the compassion to help overcome even the scariest fears.

Working with Tamara was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


I have seen absolutely incredible results from those willing to pursue their passion with purpose:

 – Businesses launched…long term dreams now a reality!

 – Systems put in place from a place of flow and ease and joy!

 – Income goals not only reached but succeeded!

 – Increased visibility and tremendous upsurge in SEO and traffic to their websites as they embrace their authentic power in their branding!

 – New programs, courses, or offers fleshed out and fully aligning with their dream clients!

 – Spiritual gifts identified and utilized in their everyday life and business!

 – Releasing old patterns that no longer serve them and being fully supported by all the tools and resources they could ever need to keep it that way!

 – Personal satisfaction in all areas of life!

….and that’s just the beginning!



“In just one short month of working with Tamara, I bravely faced a part of myself I had been hiding from for 15 years, released my block to financial abundance, and started manifesting things immediately. Like freaky immediately.

I’m more connected to my highest self than ever before (and I feel even MORE powerful after every single call!)!

I’m a practical woo, so Tamara’s connection with spirit combined with her knowledge of neuroscience really appeal to me. And her sass and wisdom are like the cherry on top.

I have never connected with a coach like I have with Tamara. I can be fully myself without fear of judgement, and she just gets me.

I will be a life long raving fan of this woman. If you are thinking about working with her, DO IT. You won’t just experience shifts. YOU will shift.”

Imagine what might happen if you decided to go full throttle on your dreams…

I’ve worked with hundreds of other coaches, therapists, creatives, and spiritually conscious entrepreneurs; some of them already millionaires. Each of them seeking a sacred space to reconnect level up from. Are YOU ready to create yours?!



I will never placate nor judge you. I will be as raw and open as you will. This is a two-way relationship always.

I will hold nothing back. If you want someone who will fan the flames of that which deep down, you know you are capable of, then I am your girl.

You want to talk about things that seem to make others blush or shudder? Bring it on! I’m here to ignite whatever is authentic to you. Who cares what others think?


Ready to stop overthinking, overdoing, and over-compensating for being who you really are?

“So I hired Tamara because I knew I needed a warrior goddess to help me slay the dragons that held me back from fulfilling my potential.

And then, WOW. I’ve been in business for myself for seven years and I credit Tamara’s sacred insights and practical advice with helping me (finally!) face and dissolve the blocks that kept me from making my magic into my livelihood.

It’s no coincidence that I met and exceeded my monthly income goals for the first time ever during our time together! She helped me pull the pieces together and start doing what I longed to do instead of all I believed I “should” do.

The Sovereignty Sessions have been something I’ve wanted to offer for years. Tams opened me up to my own power and bravery so I could put them into the world.”


VIP Mentorship with Me Includes:

Initial 2-hour Intensive Session exploring all that is YOU; every beautiful layer of being – from what scares you to what thrills you. We’ll talk blocks and goals and everything in between. Here’s where I become your biggest fan and you remember what it’s like to be fully tuned in and turned on (or maybe you feel it for the first time, either way, it’s great stuff!).

Follow-Up Sessions, frequency depending on package covering your spiritual gifts and zone of genius, leadership strategies tailored to you and your definition of success, powerful shadow and archetypal work, mindset coaching and tools to hit your goals on target, and a whole lot of rocket fuel accountability! Every session, we will enter sacred ritual space either in person or online and go wherever we need to… strategy or soul work; guided meditations, activations & clearings, energy healing and more.

Email/ Messenger/ Voice Support & Validation to keep you motivated and inspired. We’ll celebrate wins and new insights, remove any limiting beliefs or roadblocks, and  perhaps a loving kick in the ass if that’s what you need.


Approach each new day with utter excitement…your pulse beating to the authentic rhythm of your unique soul purpose!


“Working with Tamara has been hands down one of the BEST decisions I could have made for myself and my business. She has an amazing ability to hold space for someone to explore their spiritual gifts & abilities and guide them in a knowledgeable & compassionate manner.

She will help you nudge whatever magic is stirring in your soul to RISE UP. When I first came to Tamara I was unable to “connect the dots” of what I was experiencing with my own intuitive gifts, how to really use them with intention & focus, or how they would integrate into my coaching business. She helped me not only learn to trust in my gifts, nurture and honor them with the confidence they deserve, but to bring everything into alignment with my soul mission and big vision.

Her knowledge is priceless. I cannot recommend or thank this beautiful badass enough!


Ready to Get Started?

Apply here to see if we’re a good fit.

If both of us aren’t feeling absolutely incredible chemistry, we won’t move forward.

I only work with highly committed individuals who are ready to dive deep… (real deep!), take total responsibility for their lives and the mission they came here to serve, and feel completely connected to their authenticity and spirituality.