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Sacred Psychology: Episode 55 with Sandra Anderson

psychic boundaries

In this podversation:

  • Sandi’s early years as an empath
  • “You can’t just develop the hide of an elephant and still walk around like a human.”
  • Why years of talk therapy wasn’t enough for true healing for her due to its lack of focus on spiritual realm
  • “The issues with the tissues” – how the body holds on to trauma
  • SHEN Physio-Emotional Release Therapy
  • Everyone has spiritual or psychic gifts
  • Why we all need psychic boundaries
  • “Taking care of you is YOUR responsibility and no one else’s.”
  • Some ways to explore where you might need a boundary
  • Your “NO” may need to change depending on situation or setting etc.
  • How parents can help children learn to set boundaries
  • “Your personal space should be sacred to you.”
  • Our acceptance of others’ boundary violations may end in destruction for him or her as well due to enabling
  • Ways to prevent a psychic attack or boundary violation
  • “If you want to have peace, you better BE it.”
  • How to discern whether something (e.g., upsetting emotion) is yours or someone else’s
  • “Our minds do not think in periods, commas, or long words. It thinks in pictures and feelings.”
  • A LIVE clearing for mind, body, and spirit you can use for any area.
  • Sandi’s purple duct tape method for psychic boundaries
  • Sandi’s purple garbage bag or dumpster method for releasing
  • Sandi’s pink or purple tornados method for clearing, especially for kids
  • “I’m not going to work with that which is not mine.”
  • “Your soul is your life container that goes beyond the physical.”

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Meet Sandra Anderson:

Sandi is a ( Purple Sheep Aunt to Tamara) Life & Soul Coach , Integrative Multilevel Energy Healer. She describes her mission is to encourage, inspire, empower others to know their Truth, to hear the voice of their Soul, and to embrace the Best life possible.

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Meet Tamara Powell

counseling pensacola fl Tamara Powell, LMHC is a licensed therapist, university psychology instructor, and empowerment coach who believes life should be lived as a journey that is “anything but ordinary.

Her work is specialized to help individuals break free from toxic cycles of distress, dysfunction, and dissatisfaction with life that are created when trying to live according to someone else’s rules. Only by living what she calls radical autonomy, can one obtain soul nourishing relationships and a sense of true life purpose and inner peace.

If you’re interested in working with her, either in person or online, you can learn more about her services here.

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