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Your symptoms are NOT the problem, they’re pointing to the SOLUTION.

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SYMPTOM = the name for an unpleasant truth that you cannot speak. A symptom is when something you cannot speak, speaks for you. If you listen to it, it’s saying there’s something in your life that’s just not working. Peter Rollins

In my FIRST BIG “Ask Arya” episode, I decided to tackle some pretty hefty subjects related to the intersection of psychology, politics, and religion:

  • Why psychology says I don’t even know what I believe.
  • What cognitive dissonance and the fundamental attribution error say about my interactions with others.
  • Is symbolism healthy in politics or religion?
  • What if God/Source/Spirituality is not a what or a who, but an EVENT?
    • Paul Tillich says that we encounter God/Source/Spirituality through ultimate concern – through giving ourselves to the world in love, in justice.
  • Why our most painful and frustrating encounters with others can be the ones that teach us the most.
  • How Peter Rollins’ “evangelism” program in Belfast sets the stage for Christianity to be changed and not the other way around.

I need your eyes to see myself. I need the eyes of the other in order to see who I am because I try to hide who I am in all manner of ways. – psychoanalytic insight from Peter Rollins

  • Carl Jung’s idea of “going into the shadow” – What parts of you do you not want to look at?  What are you repressing? Self-medicating with alcohol, sex, food, or even meditation?
  • How your symptoms can help point you toward HEALING.

So, what’s NOT working in your life?

What can the person or thing about yourself that you don’t like teach you??

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Pensacola therapistTamara Powell, LMHC is the founder of Arya Therapy Services, a Pensacola based counseling and coaching practice that also offers services ONLINE.  She’s the resident identity guru; from sex to gender to spirituality, she covers it all! Tamara’s specialties include spiritual trauma, LGBGTQ issues, polyamory, and kink. If you’re interested in working with her, please feel free to email her directly at

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